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Building our on stuff

There is plenty of 3D models to print over the internet. Most of them are very useful and save a lot of time. But buying a 3D printer is not only using others models.

What I see talking to people is that they have a block when talking about 3D printing and much more if we discuss about designing models. I can not wait when everybody will 3D print as they print their doc files today. I have been printing all kind of stuff. The most valuable are the broken pieces from home bigger objects that is not possible to buy alone. That makes easy to justify the printer to my wife in my case. :)

The StarPuzzle on this article I designed because I have one at home with one broken part. I decided to build an entire new one that took me a few minutes to design and some hours to print. :(

I used OpenSCAD, the idea of this free tool is to draw by using commands like a program. It may look scary at first, but actually it is easy and a good exercise.


cube ([11,75.7,10.8]);

translate([-1,21.5,5]) cube([13,32.9,7]);

translate([5,32.3,-1]) cube([7,11,7]);


Only those four lines are necessary to draw one of the StarPuzzle parts. The first line indicates that we will subtract the 3rd and 4th cubes from the first one. The second we create the main cube and the last two lines I move the others cubes before subtract using the translate function. Easy right?

As soon as people realize that it is not difficult as they imagine, the 3D printing will become part of every home.

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